HYPERTEXT. The idea behind hypertext is simply that a text document contains link embedded in it which point to other documents. When you click on a link,the program takes you to another,related document.Hypertext allows one to create links between several related documents, forming an interlacing lattice work of information. As  computer technology improved ,allowing one to include graphics,sound effects,and animation in hypertext documents,the term hypermedia was coined to describe these linked documents that contained much more than just text. Hypertext and hypermedia applications are already quite popular in the PC world. If yo are a designer ,get a software that is right for the task at hand: instance ,the Windows Help system is based on a hypertext model. It contains listings of various topics which you can click on for more information. Many multimedia encyclopedia programs use a hypermedia system, which can prove useful, because it allows the encyclopedia’s creators to to link various related items. For example , suppose you are reading about the history of the Roman Empire, when  you notice a link about the British Isles. You click on that link, which opens up another window with information on that topic, and start reading. Then,you spot another link, this time about early celtic history , and you decide to click on it and read about that topic now. Are you a trend setter ?.


HTTP-The first part of a URL is known as the addressing scheme. It indicates what type of resource the rest of the the URL is indicating and,therefore,how it should be handled.HTTP stands for hypertext Transfer Protocol and is the basic protocol used to transfer Web Pages. Most of the URLs you see will begin with this indicator. You might also see URLs that begin with “Ftp.” “Gopher.” or “News.” which would all indicate their respective type of resource.


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