(A) Is Politician Trustworthy.

(B) You be the Judge!!

(A) Can you show me an example.

(B) There is quite a few examples.

For instance ,in this Canadian political campaigning

we are being told that the current government led us into

two recession, If you remember correctly in 2008 the recession

was world wide ,our neighbour to the north was hard hit, banks was

closing, people was loosing their homes. A barrel of oil move from $25

to over $100. Although our biggest trading partner was loosing jobs and

closing banks. Canada was the best performing country.

(2)Now a Barrel of oil drop from over $100  to Just over $40

Canada being a big exporter of oil will have some  downward economic pressure

it’s only common sense.Canadian are still buying houses . Banks are still

lending . Lets not be deceived by people who will  try to insult our intelligence

Remember words are wind.



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