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How do we save Iraq

November 10, 2014

Iraq need the world,Obama can not do it on his own. On one side we have the butcher commiting genocide, he has to go. Then there is the so call rebels who is a bunch of good and bad people. How do we know who is the good and who is the bad. Both side need to be disarmed and let NATO take the reigns for a few years while rebuilding a new trust worthy government as a united Iraq. All for one ,one for all ,united we stand divided we fall. Iraq need the World. Stop the fighting. We can not replace one evil with another.


God’s way or our way?.

December 7, 2012

Sins Our Politicians Have Commited

February 1, 2007

Our Politician have Commited
a grave sin against God ,is it because
of their ignorance of what a true
christian mean or just plain lack
of knowlede pertaining to the bible?

How can they by a stroke of the
pen go against God’s word to let
our children believe its ok for
people of the same sex to marry
each other. Well they sold their
sold to the devil and when the
day of reckoning arrive let see
them wiggle their sinfull way
If any reader want to find
where in the bible it was mention
ask i’ll be more than happy to

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