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What IS The World Wide Web

September 5, 2014

The world wide web has grown at an incredible rate since it’s inception in 1991.It’s size ,scale,complexity,and capabilities have all evolved enormously.much as the computer industry as a whole.Sound,Graphics,and Animation now regularly adorn a medium that once was largely limited to text.Many people have grand designs for the Web.Limited only by their imagination and the available technology.But for all it’s complexity,the underlying premise behind the Web is simplicity itself.

The basic building blocks of the Web are documents known as Web pages. A Web page can cntain a wide variety of data. In the early days of the Web,pages generally consisted primarily of text, but nowthey can contain tables ,graphicsanimation,sound effects,music and even small program known as appalets.Web pages would not be so remarkable,in and of themselves,if it were not for the fact that they are built on the concept of hypertext.THE INTERNET



August 21, 2014

A man spoke frantically into the phone, “My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!” “Is this her first child?” the doctor ask. “No!” the man shouted, ” This is her husband!”

Repair Windows problems

December 28, 2011

Repair Windows problems.

Talking about YouTube – IphoneApp_good_speed_trap_JD.wmv

July 31, 2010

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